We help you find an original art that fits your budget and lifestyle.

One Studio is a free service that guides you through your art buying process. One of our art advisors will give you personalized recommendations based on your interest and preference. By experiencing this service, you will be able to learn more about the art world, discover and hone your own artistic taste, and get exposed to works by artists who inspire you.

You can do all this without leaving your couch.

We make art buying easy and fun.

Currently finding great art is pretty difficult.

You search nearby galleries, only to cower beneath the intimidating stare of the gallerist. You sift through hundreds of tiny thumbnails of online galleries, squinting your eyes searching for something that speaks to you. Gradually you lose hope. It seems there is no art in the world special enough to hang in your special house....

We are here to help!

Gallery quality artwork delivered to you at studio prices.

At One Studio we work with both emerging talent and industry leaders, exploring every medium, subject, and style. You’ll received gallery-quality artwork at the price of a studio piece, with discounts up to 20-50% off. Take our two-minute survey and we’ll find you work that is truly unique, and fits your budget and lifestyle.

Don’t settle for mass-produced copies. Instead, enjoy original works by your favorite artists.

How it works.

Fill out a short survey to identify what you’re looking for in a piece of work. Pick everything from size, genre, budget and more.

Every week one of our expert art advisors will send you an email with links to some pieces you may enjoy. You’ll vote on each piece (yes, no, maybe), and we’ll use this information to hone our recommendations to better suit your preferences.

If you find a piece you like, we’ll ship it to you. You’ll have seven days to get a feel for your new piece. If you don’t love it, send it back for a full refund.

We’ll run this service until you find a piece you would like to buy.  If you don’t feel this service is for you, you can opt out at any time.


Transparent pricing—With an average of 20-50% off gallery prices

Personal assistance—A real person will guide you through your selection process

Risk-free purchase with our 7-day return policy Learn More

Assured quality - All artwork we recommend is vetted for quality* by professional art advisors.

Define “Quality Artwork”

We spend the time to get to know every artist we endorse. We learn about their mission, their work, and their career trajectory. So you can buy art through One Studio with confidence.  Better yet, we put all this on our platform so when you find a piece you love, you can learn about the artist, and their creative process.

We’ve designed our platform to feel like a studio visit. So you can have the experience of buying an original artwork directly from the artist.


This sounds expensive. Can I afford it?

Yes! Our concierge service is free. Our mission is to bring quality work to a wider audience. You can own an original artwork by emerging artist starting at just $300.

How do you price your work?

For all the pieces we recommend, we work closely with artists, art advisors, and curators to assess the value. When pricing, we factor in three components: the size of the work, the medium, and the career level of the artist. Take our survey and you will be able to see what type of work you can expect within your budget and size restrictions.

Can you recommend something that matches my room?

We want the piece you select to fit in perfectly with its surroundings. If you have a specific room in mind, we’ll find a piece that not only complements your space but one that has unique artist qualities.

How does your 7 day-free service work?

We stand behind each piece we recommend, but we do realize that some pieces may not work for you. That’s why when we send an artwork we let you keep it for 7 days.  All you pay is the return shipping cost.

I am reluctant to buy art online.

Yes, we understand that buying art online can be challenging. If a particular piece piques your interest, drop us a note using the concierge button. We can work with the artist to provide you with more pictures and information. If you want to ask questions to the artist directly, leave him or her a comment on the piece you are interested in.

How does this service benefit the artists?

Nurturing artists’ career is our number one priority. This should also be a priority for buyers. The more successful a burgeoning artist becomes, the more valuable the pieces you own will become. We want artists to create the pieces they want to create. With sites that solely focuses on sales, artists are forced to make something decorative that sells. We are changing this by offering a free platform to the artists to showcase their work and their practice. Potential buyers can get the comprehensive story of the artist and their professional sphere. When you buy art on One Studio, you can be assured that the piece you are buying is a piece that supports the artist’s overall mission.

We also use part of our proceeds to produce shows for artists. Check out our Shows section for past and upcoming shows.


Ready to own an original work of art?

Start the process by taking our survey. It only takes a couple of minutes. For any questions, send us an email at concierge@onestudio.io