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Salvador Dalí had The Surrealist Group, Picasso the Café Quatre Gats. For centuries artists have sought other artists, searched for enthusiasts, purveyors, and patrons to challenge their work, and expand their creativity.

One Studio is space where artists can do just that. Here you can connect and work with artists and creatives around the world. It’s a social network that encourages a shift away from self-promotion, and emphasizes collaboration.

Together, with your help and the help of luminaries from the art and tech worlds, our mission is to discover, nurture, and promote the next big movement in art.  

Open your studio. Let the world in.

One Studio is an online gallery space where artists can share their vision with communities across the globe. Our platform connects artists with like-minded creatives, curators, collectors and patrons worldwide.  

Our mission is to enrich people's lives through art. As our community grows, so does your power to inspire. 

Our Platform


When you join One Studio you receive a free online gallery to display your work. Use your profile to connect with other artists and share your work in either solo or group shows.




Galleries and Journalists 

With One Studio you can discover new artists from around the world. Curate a selection of your favorite One Studio galleries, share your favorite works on social media, and connect with artists who inspire you.

Art Patrons and Collectors 

Visit One Studio to discover new talent. Follow your favorite artists, get notified of their upcoming exhibitions, and start a conversation.


Our Advisors and Supporters

One Studio was born from a passion for art. Our founding members and advisory committee are comprised of art professionals, art historians, curators, engineers, and collectors. To learn more about the One Studio team, take a peek at our About Page.

From upper left: Dr. Glenn Harcourt PHD,Art Historian | Jason Fischl, Engineering Exec. | Nancy Hill,Soci0-cultural Anthropologist | Christine Duval, Curator | Craig Applebaum, Gallery Owner @ Industry | Juliet McIver, Collector | Allie Pohl,Artist |  Roland Pan, Business Strategist | Teo Teodosiev,Tech Advisor | Ludovic Legrand, Mobile Expert | Karen Saracino, Art Advisor and Collection Manager @ Anderson Collection | Max Presneill, Artist/Curator @ Torrance Art Museum |Suhayb Ibn Muheildin Zarroug Principal Art Advisor @ ZarrTashLicht