Product Highlights

Studio Profile

Once you sign up with One Studio you will receive an artist page where you can post artwork, share stories, and start making connections. Here’s the rundown of your new One Studio profile:

  • Studio: Post your work, respond to comments, and find your artist hashtags.
  • About: What’s your story? Here you can describe your aesthetic, your process, and upload both videos and images. Share a lot or a little—it’s up to you.
  • Connections: Here you can view your One Studio network. Connections are made when a member you follow, follows you back.

Linking One Studio with Instagram and Facebook

You can import work from both Facebook and Instagram by tagging any pictures with your artist hashtag.

How it works:


1.     Connect to your Instagram and Facebook accounts under Studio Settings -> Social Media


2.     To upload an image from social media to your One Studio gallery, simply write your unique artwork tag (put # in front of your artwork tag) in the caption when posting.  (Your artwork tag can be found on the bottom of artwork detail page).


3.     Once images are uploaded to social media with your corresponding hashtag, they will immediately appear in your One Studio gallery.

Home Page Feed of Artwork and Studios

Click the house icon in the upper left corner to return to the homepage. There you can discover new artists and explore studios. You can interact with members by liking their work, commenting on their pieces, and following their studios. It’s an intelligent platform, meaning the more you interact with the feed, the more personalized it will become.

Home Feed.png