A platform that connects artists and patrons.

One Studio looks at art patronage differently. We don’t have a brick and mortar space to promote artists, instead we promote our artists online and through popup shows. We’re leveraging the fluidity of online communication and partnership with art professionals to bring great art to more people.

Today's art world

One Studio's Platform

A fresh take on promoting artists

One Studio artists are serious about art, and through us, they have a new platform to share their work. We’re working directly with artists to build robust online galleries with images, videos, and write-ups that highlight their unique views. We’re bringing all of these profiles together in one space, to stimulate and expand the art world.

We kick start the dialogue between artists and patrons.

A potential buyer is now able to see a comprehensive overview of the artist’s past work, and uncover their story. With more information, buyers can be confident in their purchases and follow an artist throughout their career. And so a collector is born.


Art is for everyone.

Supporting art has been a luxury enjoyed by the super rich. With it comes a certain social status and prestige: "I've made it. Now I will buy art." We are challenging this mindset.

Art can be, and should be, supported by all. We are all entitled to a richly creative and stimulating environment, regardless of our wealth. Not every piece of work is as expensive as a Picasso, and not every piece of art will speak to you the same as it does another. There are works by unknown creators, local artisans, and silent workers that you may connect with in unexpected ways. Art, like everything else in life, is complex, varied, and personal.

There is art available at every price point

We help our potential collectors find a unique work of art that fits their lifestyle and budget, whatever that may be. Don’t let cost scare you away from searching for your perfect piece of art. Click here to learn more about our concierge service—connecting collectors with art at every price.


We bring art to people.

Concierge Service

We know that purchasing art can be a trying experience. Where galleries are intimidating, online art-malls are overwhelming. With our new concierge service we’re hoping to alleviate any art-buying anxiety. We gather your preferences from a short survey, and use your answers to find the perfect piece for you. Sign up for our free concierge service to experience a new way of discovering art.

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Popup Exhibition and Roadshow

We may be an online company, but we still recognize the power of social gatherings. We believe art is best experienced in person, so we’re producing popup shows to showcase One Studio artists and allow for collectors and artists to connect in person. Check out our “shows” section for upcoming events.

Check out our Shows section for the upcoming event 

Join Us.


One Studio is for artists who are serious about their practice. Showcase your work and share your passion, by signing up and joining our platform.

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Start a dialog with your favorite artists by signing up for a free journalist account. With your account you can offer insight about pieces and promising artists, help collectors learn more about burgeoning artists, and perhaps even discover a new master in the making.

Art Advisors/Curators

Leverage your discerning eye, and expand your business globally. When you partner with our concierge program you become the conduit between artists and collectors. For more information, please email us at concierge@onestudio.io


One Studio makes purchasing art easy for both novice and experienced collectors. Sign up for a profile and discover new, global artists with fresh perspectives and exquisite pieces. 

If you are too busy to look for artwork on your own, or timid about art collecting and need some assistance, sign up to our free concierge service for a guided, and personalized approach to buying art.

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A democratic approach to art

At One Studio we care about art, and that’s all we ask of the artists who join our platform. If you’re serious about art and have a devotion to your practice, create your profile today and share your studio with world.

How does this benefit the artists? The answer is simple: a master artist is not born in solitude.

Salvador Dalí had The Surrealist Group, Picasso the Café Quatre Gats. For centuries artists have sought other artists, searched for enthusiasts, purveyors, and patrons to challenge their work, and expand their creativity.

By opening our platform to all artists, we encourage creative cross-pollination and a shift away from self-promotion. We have a spectrum of talents on our platform, from art-world superstars including a Guggenheim fellow to young emerging artists just starting out with fresh perspectives. Here you can engage in discussions and creative collaborations regardless of where you are, or your experience.

Artists initiated micro-communities

If everyone is invited, how do we maintain our "quality." Well, we don't; we let self selection happen organically on our platform.

We realized that artists associate themselves with other artists they respect and trust. We designed our platform so that they can do just that.

Artists can self-select and organize into groups by establishing connections with other artists. Connections are created when artists are mutually followed, or when tags are used to associate with other creatives on our platform. As groups are formed and connections made, the larger and more active groups are moved to the top of the page so others can discover them.

We promote artists, not artwork

An artwork is a product of its creator’s vision. It sounds simple, but often the artists behind the work are overlooked. At One Studio, we’re working to showcase the creators by encouraging stronger online presences and a more inclusive look at their processes and stories. Please read our co-founder Kumiko Toft’s blog post on why this is strategically important to us.

Popup shows

We are always looking for new One Studio artists to participate in our pop up shows. Check out the “shows” tab to see our past and upcoming shows.

We work with serious artists who are dedicated to their practice. If you would like to be considered for a show, continue to build up your profile so we can get a better sense of who you are as an artist.

Concierge service

To be a professional artist you have to sell your work—our concierge service makes selling easier than ever. We’re working to alleviate some of the tension of buying and selling work by implementing transparent pricing, risk-free returns, and a confidential and honest feedback loop. Collectors are able to discover new artists, find pieces in their price range, and follow an artist’s personal story on our platform.

If you would like your work to be considered for our concierge program, we encourage you to spend some time building up your profile and sharing as much as you can about your inspiration, past work, and process. If you need some ideas as to what else you can include on your profile feel free to refer to our artist checklist.