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Why are so many amazing artists "starving"? San Francisco's visionary philanthropist and founder of Minnesota Street Project , Andy Rappaport, made an interesting point in this recent article on Artspace.

Unfortunately, over the last 30 years, as schools everywhere have been challenged financially, arts education—which is viewed as somewhat less productive in terms of preparing people for careers—has been diminished, sometimes to the point of disappearing. As a result, there are several generations who have grown up without as much exposure to art in school, and art is a bit like a language, in that if you don’t learn it early on it can be hard to relate to later.  - Andy Rappaport

Art patronage is severely compromised.  Many people, even the ones who are fortunate enough have the means to support art, are underexposed to art and don't see any value in taking part in art patronage. Why should they, where you can buy a nice framed print at your favorite home-decor store for few bucks. But the fact of the matter is that that same print comes at the cost of living artist who just got their work knocked off.

Imagine if we marginalize all the efforts to make the world an interesting place? No one in their right mind would want to be an "artist." Then what do we get? Art DOES matter!

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